Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today was a good day :)

Well today I officially started my whole new life style. You know what kind of bothers me, when ever I try to be healthy about my food, people ask "oh your on a diet?" I don't want to call it a diet..Im changing my life style thats it. As for today I thought it was going to be the usual, ya know get up clean around the house, and do my little routine. For the most part it was until I spoke to my older sister which I love to death :), but anyways she invited me to go to the gym with her. See i've gone only one time with her and all we did was just swim in the pool, so I dont really think that would count as exercising lol. This time we actually had a class, it was pretty cool, so I asked if it would be cool if she could just add me on to her gym thing. Of course she said yes..so Im superrr excited, after the gym we went to the grocery store and had ourselves a beautiful chicken salad, and it was good!
Oooh and I had 10 cups of water today ..yay lol I know im sorta dorky. By the way I just finished weighing myself and Im aprox. 250.5 soo Im a bit more than I thought I was :( but only more reason to work harder right? Because I AM GOING TO REACH MY GOAL, so done with telling myelf im going to TRY...no I AM GOING TO DO iT, I feel so good today :) Well time for bed hasta manana..

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  1. You ARE going to reach your goal. Hope to see you posting again soon!